'Shopping Bag' Tote Bag

'Shopping Bag' Tote Bag


Our cream canvas shopping totes feature custom artwork by the Baba's Creative team, combining image and text: a full plastic shopping bag with Cyrillic and Arabic script. The bags are firstly a cheeky nod to the sustainability movement, blurring the aesthetic lines between plastic and canvas, while the contents pictured inside the bag-in-bag speak more deliberately to the Baba’s Place narrative. These pantry items have been carefully curated to reflect the shopping habits of immigrant families in suburban Sydney: the irreplaceable 'Vegeta' seasoning stock, the underrated and essential root vegetable ‘Leek', an ALDI soft drink can, etc. The grouping of these items, we believe, help to tell a story of persistence, nourishment and creative re-imaginings of past lives: from longings for the mother country to dreams of returning to your Baba’s kitchen table. We hope you will consider buying the tote with the $20 Dollar donation 

Color: White

    Baba ships to anywhere in NSW for 12 dollars. Bravo xx